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jwsmobile jws at
Wed May 11 13:44:32 CDT 2016

On 4/7/2016 1:07 PM, jwsmobile wrote:
> A friend has a large set of paper tape which seems to be from a DG 
> User group (not sure about that, but label on box sort of implies that).
Thanks to Erik Baigar, I have gotten his paper tape reader and have made 
one pass on reading the tapes.  The originals belong to Sherman Foy.  
Also Charles Anthony made a pass at writing a video based reader (which 
I still would love to see).

There are notes on this dropbox share of the data.  I would like to host 
it with either bitsavers or Jay or both when I get cleaned up versions 
of the tapes.

Any suggestions about running this, or what it is, or corrections to my 
reading (see notes.txt in the share) would be appreciated.  Also if 
someone would be so kind as to give a nice writeup of how to get the 
goods to run this on simh or some other accessible simulator I'd like to 
add that to the info.

There are photos of the tape and the reader as well.

I have not documented the labels on the tapes as of yet, but one of the 
tape files has a better explanation of the tapes than that anyway.  I 
will document the tape info when I finish the reading process.


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