3D Printing cases and SGI "skins"

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at gmail.com
Wed May 11 16:10:19 CDT 2016

Has anyone used a 3D printer to make a case for their old machine ? I've 
started drafting an SGI Indy "skin" in Sketch, but it's just a box right 
now, nothing cool. I've noticed and been somewhat inspired by these:

I think this one is very clever. The guy used 3D printed parts just to 
sort of "glue" the heatsink and lucite/glass together. It looks great.

This guy made one for an Intel NUC:

This person used plexiglass to overcome print size issues I'm guessing:

Here is one for a Pi that looks like a NES

This one is also for a Pi, but is a bit like a laptop, too:

A C64 custom job:

Obviously, this kind of thing would be great for SGIs, which are mostly 
made to accomidate plastic covers on metal skids (ie.. "skins").


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