3D Printing cases and SGI "skins"

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Wed May 11 18:19:51 CDT 2016

On Wed, 11 May 2016, alexmcwhirter at triadic.us wrote:

> On 2016-05-11 17:59, geneb wrote:
>>> Cool. I'm not fond of SketchUp anyhow. I'm switchin'. If you've ever used
>>> qcad, I'm wondering what you or others might know/think of it. That one
>>> works on my Unix boxes, that's why I ask. It's been flirting with me every
>>> since I've seen it appearing in various pkg repos.
>> I only use SolidWorks.  There's nothing out there for MacOS or *nix
>> that I'd spend the effort to throw a brick at.  :)
>> g.
> FreeCad has worked great for all of my printing needs FWIW. Granted i tend to 
> build structural things, not necessarily pretty things. I did however design 
> a 1U server case that holds 8 RPi's with a integrated PSU / UltraCap UPS.

I've heard good things about FreeCAD, but only if you're using the 
nighties.  Apparently the "stable" version is way behind feature-wise.

A number of people are using Blender for organic shapes, but I don't know 
how well it outputs STL files.  (That and the learning curve is a 90 
degree angle.)


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