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Thu May 12 01:55:21 CDT 2016

I am glad to see this  effort of Jon's remain Independent.  I  believe he 
would have wanted it that way.
Ed Sharpe archivist  for SMECC 
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This is  great news despite the sorrow. Thank you for that, the museum is 
such an  awesome resource for HP collectors. I saw your video on the 2116 
restoration  were both Jon and you appear. We have at least one more at the 
CHM, just as a  static display for now. I hope I can visit you in Melbourne one 

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> *RE: Jon Johnston  Passes *
> As an update to the sad news of Jon Johnston's death, I can  advise that 
the HP museum and the website he built will be  continued and 
maintained for the foreseeable future.
> Over the  last 8 months I have worked with Jon in restoring items from 
his collection of  equipment and, among a range of items, recently restored an 
HP2116A computer  to working order - one of only two Jon was aware of in 
the world and the only  one that's operational.
> At this stage we have not been able  to access the website and put any 
notices or updates but that should be  addressed shortly.
> Jon's wife has asked me to look after the  museum and website for the 
foreseeable future and as much as possible,  continue to develop the museum in 
line with Jon's vision and  objectives.
> As a short background, I joined HP Australia in  1982 as a Customer 
Engineer maintaining HP3000s, HP250s, all peripherals,  terminals etc. I stayed 
with HP for over 26 years (including 5 years in Palo  Alto) in a range of 
Services roles and have many fond memories of the company  and the people I 
worked with.
> While my ability to invest time  into the museum is more limited than 
Jon's, I hope to honour both his memory  and the legacy of the 'old HP' by 
keeping the museum going as best I can,  hopefully with help from the HP 
interest groups across the world.
> David Collins

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