Dave Wade dave.g4ugm at gmail.com
Thu May 12 02:21:31 CDT 2016

>     > Also have loose grant card....
> You mean an M9047?

Small card, looks like it fits deep in bus. Sorry didn't get number and
machine is not accessible at present

> I would start with just the 11/03 CPU and the console card; hook it up to
> something, and see if you can get it to talk to the console. (Configure
the CPU
> to halt, and fall into Console ODT, on power-on.)

Any clues on where I can find pin-outs for making a cable. I have looked at
the LSI-11 Systems Service Manual on Bitsavers and it has everything

> It's probably worth getting one of the various LSI-11 CPU handbooks:
>   Microcomputer Handbook (1976-77)
>   Microcomputer Processors (1978-79)
>   Microcomputer Processor Handbook (1979-80)
>   Microcomputers and Memories Handbook (1981)
>   Microcomputers and Memories Handbook (1982)
> they all cover the quad-width 11/03 CPU. Although they're probably
> online, it's very handy to have a hard-copy one; those are available on
eBay and
> such.

I will check Bitsavers etc.

> That backplane is probably a so-called 'serpentine' backplane, i.e. ones
in which
> the (dual) slots are numbered:
>    1 2
>    4 3
>    5 6
>    8 7
> so the console would need to go in '3' if it's the only card other than
the CPU (at
> least, if you want it to be able to do interrupts).
> Once you get it working in that configuration, you can configure and add
> memory card (if you can figure out what the devil it is ;-). And then the
> RX01 controller.

OK will do

> The REV-11 isn't needed in this configuration. The boot PROM for this
> was actually on the card in the /780 CPU, so eventually you'll need a
> replacement - something like a BDV11 or something (they are available, and
> not too expensive).

I will look for one of those.

>     > From: Robert Jarratt
>     > The seller said it was indeed out of a 780.
> Yeah, that's what it looks like.
>     > I got the impression the 11/23 card was just a spare he had that he
>     > in the enclosure, not really part of the original system.
> Actually, an 11/73, but yes, definitely not part of the original system. I
> know if it will work in that backplane without the backplane being
> from Q18; it might, but that would need some investigation.

Well I won't try it until I have the rest working

> 	Noel


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