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> On 12/05/16 00:05, Adrian Graham wrote:
>> My memory's getting skewed with age, clearly. I can remember RKG's (Royal
>> Kingdom of Geordies) finest 2 engineers upgrading the 8350s to 8550s and the
>> passage of time has me convinced it was 'only' a backplane swap. I was
>> purely a code monkey back then. One thing that definitely happened was the
>> MD of this company was going to have his new VAXen removed again because
>> they didn't have blinkenlights.
> The VAX 8200/8250/8300/8350 was a low-end BI-based system.
> Put in one CPU and you had a VAX 8200; put in two and  you had a VAX8300.
> There was a mid-life kicker, which was a slightly faster CPU and that
> gave you
> the 8250/8350. I'm sure I put three CPUs in the one I had back at DEC and
> it booted and (this is where I'm hazy) called itself a VAX 8370

OK, the mists of time are clearing, there was definite a cabinet swap at one
point and I can recall wheeling some smaller cabs out into the warehouse
because they'd been replaced by the 85xx cabs. The smaller ones hadn't
lasted very long IIRC. This was the reason for the 85xx being threatened
with removal, along with the blinkenlights.
> VAX 8530 iirc. The VAX 8550 was the faster variant in the same box.
> These systems
> had a PRO variant for the console. They all used the NMI backplane and
> so were
> similar to (but not iirc upgradeable to) the VAX 88x0 series ("Polarstar").


> These were all much taller boxes than the VAX 8200 series.
> BTW: well done for remembering RKG :-)

My second home for a long while and I'm still friends with the engineers,
Allan, Aiden, Alan, Mike, John etc. We had ales aplenty last year :)

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