CP/M for IBM Displaywriter

Ali cctalk at ibm51xx.net
Sun May 15 01:15:02 CDT 2016

> I understand that CP/M-86 was intended to be an actual product for the
> IBM Displaywriter, but I've not found an IBM product code for it, and I
> don't recall during my searches that I found anyone who actually used
> it as a released product.


Thank you for the excellent and informative reply. I am not sure if I can add much more to what you said except to point out the following article (which you are probably already aware of):


And this blurb:


And then of course there are the ads by the newly formed company:


It would seem that the product was ready to be released in retail form. However, it was never an IBM product (or apparently allowed to be sold along IBM products) hence the lack of an FRU. Also I have never been able to find a price or a store ad referencing the product. It is almost like the cassette version of "Typing Tutor".  All indications are that the product was created and was meant to be sold but if it did it apparently the volume was only in the single digits....


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