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Basic fees for auction-style and fixed price listings
	Insertion fee (per listing, for any duration, including Good 'Til
Cancelled*) 	Final value fee
(per item)

Your first 50 listings

(per month)


(exclusions apply)

10% of the total amount of the sale

Maximum fee is $750

All additional listings over 50

(per month)


(Insertion fee credited back if your item sells, for eligible
auction-style listings)<div
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>> without the huge fees of eBay. Each seller would set their own
>> shipping rates and countries they will ship to. Payments would go to
>> the seller. The startup cost for this is about $1600, which I can pay,
>> but in return for setting everything up and arranging the hosting,
>> etc,. I would ask a small percentage (maybe 5%) to help defray the
>> costs.
> Without wanting to sound negative on this I am not sure what is in it for
> the buyers? Most sellers tend to oversell their vintage equipment (we have
> all seen phrases like "worked 30 years ago selling as is", "like new but
> untested", etc. etc.). Vintage packing also requires expertise and hefty
> costs something sellers usually don't want to undertake (I've lost count of
> how many broken monitors I have received). Yes they could pass the cost on
> to the buyer but when you are already asking $300 for a run of the mill IBM
> 5150 you are going to be hard pressed to find someone who is also willing
> to
> fork over another $100 to ship it.
> Those "hassles" you refer to help buyers feel safe in bidding and buying on
> eBay and probably are essential in some of the high crazy final auction
> prices you see. Unless you plan to offset those protections somehow (e.g.
> all items must start at $0.99 auction and bidding increments are locked at
> $0.25, etc, etc) I don't see buyers rushing to pay large sums of cold hard
> cash to strangers half a world away without guarantees that are backed by
> the auction site.
> Even for the sellers I am not seeing the big draw eBay charges a 10% fee
> and
> you want to charge %5. If they are accepting PP for payments well then the
> buyers have a six month return period and many of the same protections, I
> mean hassles, as eBay.
> If people really just want to sell (and not think they have hit the jack
> pot
> because they have some tattered boxed non-working monochrome monitor) then
> the marketplace on the VCF is great. No fees and no headaches for the
> sellers and for the buyers reasonable to low prices (yeah no one is paying
> a
> $1000 for a KB on the marketplace) which is why most sellers don't like it.
> I would love to see a specialized vintage bazaar where you can find what
> you
> want at a reasonable price from trusted sources but the reality is that
> will
> never happen in e-commerce. For better and worse eBay has spoiled us and
> created certain expectation. The only way we could ever have a decent
> vintage exchange would be to have a swap meet which is of course its own
> logical nightmare (not to mention the massive over head costs).
> Just my two worthless cents...
> -Ali
> My experience is that eBay charges actually amount to about 38% of the
> final
> sell price. They actually charge a percentage of the shipping fees too, not
> to mention fees for pictures, and anything else they can think of. It has
> been years since I sold much on eBay, but the experience really soured me.
> So far I am only asking people on a couple of trusted lists if they want to
> join. Sure eBay has tons of buyers, but if we get participants from all
> over
> the world to sell, then we will have lots of buyers too. Nothing is huge
> immediately; it takes time to grow. Rules can always be set for returns,
> and
> if a sellers is worth his salt, he knows how to pack. That being said, I
> have been packing things for over 20 years, and UPS still manages to smash
> or lose some things. That is just the way it goes.
> My thought was that it would be a great thing to have a vintage computer
> marketplace, one dedicated spot for items dedicated to old computers and
> related items, without having to sort through tons of unrelated stuff. How
> many times have you looked up 720K diskettes, and found recipes or
> something
> instead? What is to guarantee that an eBay seller knows what he is doing?
> Also, this is a fixed price system, not an auction. I looked at
> multi-seller
> auctions, and most of them fell short in several areas, or else they were
> about $10K or more to buy. That is beyond my means. The 5% is just to
> defray
> costs. I am not looking at making money off other sellers. Any effort like
> this is a lot of work. People mentioned that they would like to see a
> centralized selling system, and I am willing to make the leap, if people
> want to join me.
> -Cindy

Chris Halarewich

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