PDP-12 Space Wars

Pontus Pihlgren pontus at Update.UU.SE
Mon May 16 02:07:41 CDT 2016


I have some time scheduled to work on the PDP-12 at Update. It's 
uncertain if the machine works at the moment, it has had some 
intermittent problems, but if it does or we can get it working I would 
like to get Space Wars running on the thing.

I have found source for a few versions for PDP-8 with LAB-8/e and for PDP-12:


I'm not sure if any of the PDP-8 versions will run without porting and 
I'm not even sure which assembler to use for the PDP-12 versions.

So, I'm hoping someone reading this has somewhat fresh memory of what is 
needed to build and run space wars on a PDP-12. 

Perhaps someone even has an assembled version.

We have LAP6-DIAL and means to transfer files to the PDP-12 over the 
serial interface.


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