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Mon May 16 16:10:45 CDT 2016

Glen asks:
>> Will those sync with an Agilent 16700 at 1600x1200 at 75Hz?
>> I've only found one LCD display so far that will.

I don't think I have the extended VRAM option in my Agilent to verify this,
but I'll double check.

I would assume they will take it, they're extremely well behaved and I
think I have gotten it to do 1600x1200x75 via an Indigo2(?). Great quality
analog handling on the VGA input.

The only thing I suspect that they don't like (but have not tried) is 15khz
via the VGA input- easily fixed by using a scandoubler (or composite /

I've encountered nothing that hasn't worked on the 2007FP, but *has* worked
on another model LCD.

Glen: You are welcome to borrow one and give it a go whenever we hack on
the CDU PALs.


I'll also note another much sillier reason I like the 2007FP beyond
superb scaling quality, sync flexibility and overall image / panel quality:

The industrial design is minimal, angular, VESA-mountable, and inoffensive.

It fits well with decidedly retro surroundings- no giant bezel,
loud curves, or weird chassis colors to distract the eye; it fades into the
background nicely, which helps the experience and suspension of reality, if
that's something you're into. (Late night retro-sessions FTW)

They seem to be quite common right now as they're of the magic age
where offices have started to upgrade them to bigger, wider LCDs. I'm sure
that won't last so I'm hoarding them when they pop up at the ecycle, etc.

- Ian

Appendix: a non-inclusive list of shit I've tested-

RGB / VGA in:

> Amiga 3000 w/internal scandoubler
> Apple Quadra 700-950, IIci, IIsi internal video
> Indigo2 at 1600x1200 native (gorgeous)
> Radius ThunderGX 1600 NuBus graphics at native (also awesome)
> Amiga PicassoII, GVP Spectrum, and Macro Retina Z3 24bit RTGs - 800x600
looks superb
> Radius 24XK NuBus graphics
> SGI Onyx @ native (should be disqualified because it'll sync to a piece
of toast with the right format)
> Indigo ELAN
> Misc. color sun stuff (3/80, sparc)
> Apollo DN3000 color
> HP / Apollo 425 color
> SGI O2
> SGI Octane V6 with custom VFO @ native
> SGI Personal IRIS
> etc...

Have also used the composite input with:
> Sperctrum QL
> C64
> Video toaster
> Nintendo 64

On Monday, May 16, 2016, Glen Slick <glen.slick at> wrote:

> On May 16, 2016 12:13 PM, "Ian Finder" <ian.finder at
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> >
> > I dunno if it's relevant or not, but my go-to LCD for retro stuff is the
> > Dell 2007FP-
> > There was a panel lottery, some are TN, some IPS. Both are solid.
> >
> > They are 4:3, 1600x1200 native.
> >
> Will those sync with an Agilent 16700 at 1600x1200 at 75Hz? I've only found
> one LCD display so far that will.

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