Best LCDs for retrocomputing - Was: Re: New *square* 1:1 26.5" LCD monitor 1920x1920

Adrian Graham witchy at
Mon May 16 16:52:48 CDT 2016

On 16/05/2016 20:13, "Ian Finder" <ian.finder at> wrote:

> I dunno if it's relevant or not, but my go-to LCD for retro stuff is the
> Dell 2007FP-
> There was a panel lottery, some are TN, some IPS. Both are solid.
> They are 4:3, 1600x1200 native.
> They have DVI, VGA, Composite and S-Video inputs, and very stellar scalers.

In fact there was one available for ukp35 so it's now mine. I remember these
monitors from a few years ago at a customer that specialised in video for
aeroplanes, I used one not quite daily but remember being irked at the time
that it was several button presses needed to get from VGA to DVI input,

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