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Hi Cory,

For the past several months, from abebooks I have been collecting every analog computer book I could find.  I have:

Basics of Analog Computers, T. D. Truit and A. E. Rogers
High Speed Analog Computers, Rajkio Tomovic and Walter Karplus
Electronic Analog Computer Primer, James E Stice and Bernet S. Swanson
Introduction to Analog Computer Programming, Dale I. Rummer
Analog Computation, Albert S. Jackson
Electronic Analog Computers, Granino A. Korn, Theresa M. Korn
Analog and  digital Computer Methods in Engineering Analysis, James Smith, M. L. James, J. C. Wolford

>From scouring the web, I picked up several PDFs:
Heathkit EC-1 operation manual
Basic Analog Computer techniques, Stewart and Atkinson
Construction article Practical Electronics 1978
The History of Analog Computing, Kent Lundberg

I am planning to build a machine.  I have purchase 20 or so Analog Devices multipliers, and have the rest of the stuff already here and coming together.  I will probably do this in the form of an analog synth, Eurorack style modules, but welcome your ideas.  I have all the schematic capture and PCB tools to apply to this effort also.

I welcome some collaboration on this, and I have free for shipping High Speed Analog computers and Analog Electronic Computer Primer for the first volunteer, as in my haste I bought duplicates of these two books.

Randy Dawson

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noticed the syston donner  gear... I am looking for a syston donner  analog
computer and parts and books...
drop me a line off list  if anyone has one.

thanks Ed Sharpe archivist  for SMECC   _www.smecc.org_

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Everything is in good working order I just have not had time to use  this
test gear with work and family commitments.

HP 8620A Sweep  Oscillator 2 to 16ghz. I used it mostly as a frequency
for tuning 5  and 10 ghz filters.
It does not have all the plastic inserts for the  frequency display. I used
counter as the slide rule type display was not  that good.

I have a second HP 8620 with all the display  inserts and an extra module
below 2 GHz  $350

Systron  Donner Model 751 Spectrum Analyzer $300 useable to 10GHz

PCom 24GHz  dish, about 24 inches, This is one the "LandMine Module" snapped
onto the  back. $50.

I will be on 10 and 24 for the summer contests.
Dave  N6TEB DM03ww   (Downey)
N6teb at

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