HP41C Peripherals and Accessories?

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corrosion problems are very common on the HP-41.  To discuss the HP-41
calculator, repairs, accessories most of the community knowledge may be
found in the discussion forums at
and more documentation also at

Have fun and many happy BEEPs


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> Subject: HP41C Peripherals and Accessories?
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> I just became the happy new owner of a nice old HP 41C calculator with a
> matching barcode wand. I haven't powered it up yet, as there's lots of
> compartment corrosion. I'm looking into getting one of the replacement
> circuit assemblies that have been made for it. I was quite curious about
the 41C
> when I saw them in magazines, but I had never touched one before. My first
> calculator was a 28S, and I finally upgraded to a 48GX a couple of years
ago. I
> think this 41C will be a fun addition to my collection once I get the
> compartment fixed up and get it running.
> If anybody has any interesting HP 41C peripherals or accessories available
> trade, let's talk! eBay and I don't talk any more, so I need to find my
new toys
> the old fashioned way.
> --
> Mark J. Blair, NF6X <nf6x at nf6x.net>
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