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Paxton Hoag innfoclassics at
Tue May 17 20:11:32 CDT 2016

> I would love to see a specialized vintage bazaar where you can find what
> you
> want at a reasonable price from trusted sources but the reality is that
> will
> never happen in e-commerce. For better and worse eBay has spoiled us and
> created certain expectation. The only way we could ever have a decent
> vintage exchange would be to have a swap meet which is of course its own
> logical nightmare (not to mention the massive over head costs).

I would probably be interested. since I am going on 70 I have come to
realize that I need to part with some of my collection.

However in the above paragraph I think there is a great suggestion.

Host a virtual swap meet.

Interested people could have a table to fill. Set a time limit, like a week
for the sale. I think a weekend is too short for virtual people. Let the
vendors do the pricing and selling. Collect a fee for the table to cover
the overhead. Social media could spread the URL of the sale. People could
check in at their leisure.

Like any other swap meet we would soon know who sells high, who sells
bargains (and you have to get there earlier in the week), who is not
reliable, etc.. Some sort of moderated feedback system would be a good

I think a time limit like a swap meet a good idea. It allows for
transactions to be completed and not overwhelm the seller. Everyone will
have to calculate their own shipping, just like we do now. Shipping weight
with the description would be handy. And the vendor should set clear
shipping rules for his table

This method would keep the host out of the transaction and eliminate the
need for a shopping cart. The Host could hold one every 3 months to cover
expenses. We would soon know if it is a viable idea. And this route
shouldn't cost as much.

Vendors could sell one collectable to those of us that used to provide
parts and would have multiple tables full. I think there should be a limit
to how much fits on a table (or in a table space) just for control of
bandwidth and give a way for the host to cover expenses.

Just brainstorming here... I used to love selling at Ham and Computer swap
The internet allows for virtual communities. Why can't it allow for a
virtual swap meet.

Paxton Hoag
Astoria, OR

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