Surplus DEC MINC

tony duell ard at
Wed May 18 10:23:14 CDT 2016

I have a DEC MINC that I don't _really_ need and wonder if anyone is 

It's the hard disk model. A half-height rack containing a pair of RL01s
and a power controller with the MINC CPU box bolted on top. It 
contains the normal cards : 
PDP11/03 CPU
M8044 memory (30kW IIRC)
DLV11-J (4 RS232 ports)
IBV11 (IEEE-488 interface)
Some parallel printer interface (LPV11?)
BDV11 (Bootstrap/terminator)

And 7 MINC modules : 
2 off MNCDI (16 bit digital input)
2 off MNCDO (16 bit digital output)
MNCKW (clock generator)

Bad points : 

It is untested, assume it needs repair (but the boards, etc are intact)
I would recomend doing electrical safety tests before applying mains!

No connector blocks for the MINC modules

No disk packs (but I might be able to find some)

No terminal or cable (but not hard to sort something out)

It could do wth cleaning (if you spin up the drives they will almost
certainly headcrash). But no smoking near it ever. 

It MUST BE COLLECTED from me (SE London, near Bromley, not too far 
from M25). There is no way I can ship it. I will help dismantle it into
units and load it into your car/van (I think it will all go in an estate

Good point 

It's free. I do not want any money for it.

I want it to go to somebody who will make use of it (either restore it, put it
on display, or use it for spare parts for PDP11s), not somebody who wants
to raid the gold from the edge connectors. 


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