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Sean Caron scaron at
Wed May 18 10:51:28 CDT 2016

On Wed, 18 May 2016, John Willis wrote:

>> The problem is that type #2 here covers most people, and sadly, the
>> ivory towers of the industry & academia do not accept that certain
>> languages or language features are actually widely-liked or attractive
>> to people because they do not fit with the prevailing wisdom. So,
>> although, for instance, TP & later Delphi demonstrated that the Pascal
>> family can be appealing, practical, and a desirable choice; and the
>> Oberon OS proves that the Pascal family can be used to build an
>> entire, practical, useful and widely-used (in its niche) OS from the
>> metal up.
> Let's not forget that the bulk of the Apple Lisa operating system and
> at least large parts of the original Macintosh system software were also
> implemented in Pascal (though IIRC hand-translated into 68k assembly
> language), which was a pretty big mainstream success for proving
> Pascal as suitable for developing systems software.

Pascal was probably the predominant applications development language on 
Mac OS through the mid 1990s or so, no? Certainly all the Toolbox bindings 
were originally written with the idea that people would be developing in 



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