Surplus DEC MINC

tony duell ard at
Wed May 18 12:04:48 CDT 2016

> > I am not going to scrap it. It can stay in my Large Machine Room until a
> > good home is found. But I think if somebody can collect it before you,
> >  then they are going to get it...

> Not sure I want a whole MINC but a couple of RL02's and controller card
> would be nice for my ex VAX console 11...

A couple of points. They're RL01s, not RL02s. And the controller is the 2 board
set (RLV11), whch needs a backplane with CD interconnect. 

I do not want to part this out!. I would rather it went as one unit to somebody
(if they want to use bits on other machines that's fine...)

> .. where in the UK is your larg computer room?

South-East London, near Bromley. I will give the exact address to anyone
who is going to collect it, but for obvious reasons I am not going to put it
on a public list. It is very easy to get to from the A25 (and thus not hard from
the M25), you don't have to contend with London traffic.


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