Issues with VT420 (was Re: LK401 Keyboard)

Aaron Jackson aaron at
Wed May 18 13:27:35 CDT 2016

I couldn't resist myself and had already taken it to bits by time you
replied. I was a bit nervous but also very careful to discharge the
cathode. It seems that the rocker switch was not being pushed into the
'on' position far enough, so it was always in the off position. I'll
just have to remember not to switch it off... :P

Fairly poor design with the switch, I have to say.

Thanks for your reply anyway.


Adrian Graham writes:

> On 18/05/2016 18:21, "Aaron Jackson" <aaron at> wrote:
>> The terminal arrived today but unfortunately it doesn't power
>> on. I've checked the fuse and continuity of the cable, fiddled with the
>> contrast, etc. It doesn't do anything, not even a self test. The
>> terminal is completely silent, not even a transformer humming.
>> I have contacted the seller, but if anyone has any suggestions about
>> what might be the issue, please let me know.
>> Thanks all,
>> Aaron
> The power switch at the front was notorious for breaking because it's a
> left/right slider and people got too 'energetic'. The terminal should show
> either 'keyboard error 4' if one isn't connected or 'VT420 OK' in a box in
> the centre of the screen if one is, as well as a beep. Make sure the power
> switch does slide cleanly from left (off) to right.
> Mind, if you've just bought this you'll not be wanting to take it to bits. I
> would, but that's because we as a company used to fix them.


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