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On May 18, 2016, at 8:33 AM, John Willis <chocolatejollis38 at> wrote:

> Let's not forget that the bulk of the Apple Lisa operating system and
> at least large parts of the original Macintosh system software were also
> implemented in Pascal (though IIRC hand-translated into 68k assembly
> language), which was a pretty big mainstream success for proving
> Pascal as suitable for developing systems software.

Most of the original Mac operating system was originally written in 68K assembly, not just a hand translation of Pascal code. There were some rewrites of Pascal code from Lisa, for example the Memory Manager, but they went beyond hand translation.

Lisa mostly used Clascal, the first iteration of Object Pascal that Apple hired Wirth to help design. Clascal and the Lisa Application Toolkit led directly to Object Pascal and MacApp.

  -- Chris

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