When is Composite Video not composite video

Doug Jackson doug at doughq.com
Wed May 18 18:23:46 CDT 2016

On 5/19/2016 8:41 AM, Adrian Graham wrote:
> Then I remembered that I've composite modded a Sinclair Spectrum and a ZX81
> and I get no picture at all with those, like the signal is too weak for the
> monitor to pick up. Said pair of machines work fine on my 2008-era LCD TV
> though so does anyone know what the difference might be?
> Just because I could I hooked the Spectrum up to an Apple ][ Monitor and
> that works fine - http://binarydinosaurs.co.uk/IMG_8839.JPG
> Are there variations to the PAL Composite standard?
I think that the problem is probably that the Spectrum and ZX81 didn't 
actually comply with the standard so much as use it as a general guideline.

Analogue monitors could cope, but many LCDs cant.


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