Classics long overdue a Boot.

Austin Pass austinpass at
Thu May 19 15:57:23 CDT 2016

Swift's thread on the "ones that got away" got me thinking about another
source of guilt/regret common to the classic computer collector:

Systems we've neglected or failed to boot recently.

I've had a re-jig of my storage, and whilst it was great to uncover gems
that I'd forgotten I even had, it also brought some regrets for the systems
I've neglected - lots of them not booted in 10 years or more.

Because they were easily accessible I pulled out my Colour Classic and G4
Cube (is the latter on-topic through the "10 year rule" or are we sticking
to pre-millenials?):

Quick check-over and they both booted just fine!

The systems I'm feeling really guilty over neglecting are:

SGI Crimson VGX (skins perfect but needs some TLC before power-on)
Micro PDP 11/83 (same)
Maxed-out Acorn A3000 (my home-brew external SCSI Podule needs finishing)

And I have a vast box of Sinclair Specturm games on tape that would
probably take the rest of the year to load if I fired up my +2 and played
them sequentially!


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