Classics long overdue a Boot.

Dale H. Cook radiotest at
Thu May 19 17:02:53 CDT 2016

At 04:57 PM 5/19/2016, Austin Pass wrote:

>Systems we've neglected or failed to boot recently.

My Amstrad PPC-640 gets booted a couple-few times a year when I need a native MS-DOS machine with a real serial port for work on some vintage broadcast hardware.

I need to dig out the three CP/M machines (Osborne 1, Kaypro 4-84, Kaypro 1) and see if they will play, as they have not been booted in about a decade.

Dale H. Cook, Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA
Osborne 1 / Kaypro 4-84 / Kaypro 1 / Amstrad PPC-640 

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