Classics long overdue a Boot.

Sean Caron scaron at
Thu May 19 17:10:32 CDT 2016

On Thu, 19 May 2016, Chris Hanson wrote:

> I haven't booted my Lisa 2/10 in a very long time, not since before a cross-country move.
> I'm a little worried about it. Last time I looked (a couple years ago) it didn't look like any caps had gone though. And at least it doesn't have an internal battery to worry about.
> It definitely needs a floppy drive recalibration though, if not repair. Now that MacFloppyEmu exists (and I have one) I may just not worry about it, and run a cable out to use with that instead, so I can install the latest Office System as well as install Workshop.
> I also need to pull out and boot my NeXT mono slab.
>  -- Chris

Be sure to check the battery! I saw a Lisa on EEVblog that met a horrible 
end. Rotted out more thoroughly than any Amiga I've ever seen with battery 

It reminds me, I should probably pull my Dad's Lisa 2 out of storage next 
time I visit and give it a good looking over.

I have found NeXT machines to age pretty well. If they don't fire right up 
just give the battery a change.



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