Classics long overdue a Boot.

Sean Caron scaron at
Thu May 19 17:24:53 CDT 2016

On Thu, 19 May 2016, Austin Pass wrote:

>> On 19 May 2016, at 22:09, Todd Killingsworth <killingsworth.todd at> wrote:
>> Ah!  I've always wanted to play with a Crimson... ever since I saw them
>> being used for visualization at the Army Corp of Engineers back in the
>> early 90's.  I was working in a different group and never got to use them.
>> Not even sure where to look for one nowadays.
>> Todd Killingsworth.
> They're a pretty spectacular machine, in physical presence as well as function (esp. with RealityEngine GFX).
> We had some building work done recently, and the Crimson was protected under a custom felt lined dust sheet made by a removals friend of mine (made from a cut-down piano cover for anyone interested!)  When steels etc. were being installed in a particular area, the workmen were instructed to move it *with extreme care* to the furthest, cleanest point before proceeding. They carried this out for 3 weeks with extreme diligence. One of them - the youngest - when leaving admitted to taking a peek under the dust cover and googled what he found. Asking me about it, he wasn't at all surprised that I was so attached to a 24 year old gigantic workstation and forced his colleagues to watch Jurassic Park to show them "that giant b*stard under the dust sheet we've been hefting around!"
> -Austin.

I almost had a Crimson but the power supply blew up. It was a pretty basic 
model (just fitted with LG1 graphics, intended as a file server) but I was 
sure to keep all the boards. The IP19 is a looker. I use it to decorate in 
my databook room :O All those big ceramic PGAs!



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