Classics long overdue a Boot.

Fred Cisin cisin at
Thu May 19 19:04:15 CDT 2016

If I manage to make it to VCF, I should try to get rid of:
Epson RC20 - Z80 RAM, pseudo ROM, serial port.  Unfortunately, not having 
charged it up in way too long, in addition to battery charge, somebody 
will have to locate the "ROM-Roader", or make one.

NEC 8201A - same group of machines as Model100.

OQO - I have a bunch of them.  Most of the MANY batteries will need new 

I wonder if that Epson QX-10 is still in my shed

If I get enough stuff out, then it's time to part with my early 5150 
(which, although very early, has a few trivial mods)

A lot of IBM 5150 series manuals. (at least a dozen shelf feet of IBM 
binders in slipcases)

But getting rid of all that will only reduce the clutter to "extreme 

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