MSI 6800

Brad H bradhodge75 at
Thu May 19 19:09:41 CDT 2016

Hi there,

I recently acquired a Midwest Scientific Instruments 6800 computer.  Been
meaning to set it up but was working on restoring a couple of SWTPC
terminals first.

It has a SI-1 serial board in it and what looks like a second serial board
absent manufacturer markings.  The SI-1 has configurable baud rate, but I do
not know what the other settings should be (ie. 7 or 8 bit, how many stop
bits, etc.).  I'm working with a PC terminal for now, and the MSI does react
to keys being pressed, but it just produces jibberish.  I have the baud rate
at 1200 and have tried 7 bits, 1 stop bit, Even parity, odd parity, 2 stop
bits, 8 bits, etc.. but no avail.

Wondering if there's a manual extant out there or anyone with really good
memory on how to get these things communicating.



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