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Thu May 19 23:19:03 CDT 2016

 >Rod Smallwood wrote:

> I'm not overly worried about it being on TK50 other than knowing that 
> was one of the distribution mediums.
> So a quick rephrase of the question. I have an 11/83 system with an 
> RX50 and an RD54. How do I install RSTS on  it?

Why do you want to use the PDP-11/83?  Do you want
to run RSTS/E or just exercise the PDP-11/83 hardware?

If your answer is running RSTS/E, there is much more
convenient hardware than a PDP-11/83.

If you want to exercise the PDP-11/83, the solution I
understand is to use a hammer when you only have a nail.

If you don't know how to prepare a TK50 tape that self boots
and then does a restore of RSTS/E, then you might resort to
using RT-11.  Backup each RT-11 partition under either
SimH or Ersatz-11.  The restore using the RX50 drive and
copy each RT-11 partition to the RD54 from the TK50 file

Of course, you need to be able to write to a TK50 tape
under SimH or Ersatz-11.  You also have to take care
of block 65535 for each RT-11 partition since I don't
know if RT-11 will backup it up.  If you need some help
with this, I will try and figure it out as long as you test
to determine if you can write to a TK50 tape in the first

Jerome Fine

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