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> 1. The system is going into an exhibit. There will be an assortment of DEC terminals attached
> 2. The guy who is going to look after it has years of RSTS user knowledge.
> 3, There are several systems available all 11/83.  All with RD54
> 4. They are working and boot RSX .
> 5.   I cant remember how to remember how to prepare a bootable RSTS install tape (I last did the course in 1983)

Install tapes for V9 or later are weird constructs; they are partly DOS and partly ANSI format.  I don't remember the messy details.

> 6. I do have a copy of RSTS V9 and I know the version supports TK50.  Its a .tap image

If you have a TAP image of a good installation tape, the best answer is to copy that to the physical tape, because then it will definitely work.  Trying to construct one out of pieces isn't as easy.

> 7.  So its a case move the image over to my VAX  from my PC. My network can do that.
> 8.  Then make the tape boot and install RSTS
> 9 . How do I do that?

If you have a way to make TK50 tapes from TAP images, then I'd suggest this:

1. Make a TK50 install tape from a TAP image of a known good install tape.  Remember that installation tapes have to be write locked when you boot them to be recognized as an install tape.

2. Do just the first steps of the install, just what's needed to copy the sysgen environment to the disk.

3. Do a full backup of your SIMH setup to tape (TAP image), with the Backup command.  That will create a simple tape, nothing nearly as strange as a kit tape.  Then copy that image to another TK50.

4. Put the backup TK50 into your 11/83 system and do a full restore.

5. Reboot and use the INSTALL command in Init to select the regular system SIL that you copied in step 4.  Proceed with startup; you should now be all set.


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