Commodore C2N datasette belts (was Re: Classics long overdue a Boot.)

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Fri May 20 12:11:13 CDT 2016

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> On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 7:11 PM, Adrian Graham
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>> Last ones?! EVAR?!1one. Horrors. Don't tell Modern-Radio-Bolton otherwise
>> the belts I bought recently for my Commodore C2N/1530s etc might evaporate
>> in a puff of logic
> Do you have the dimensions on that belt handy?  All of my Commodore
> tape drives are erratic due to aged belts.  I can't get good reads and
> I have some PET Rabbit-format tapes to read (long ago, I digitized my
> standard CBM tapes).
> I'll likely order from this side of the pond, but I just need to know
> what size(s) work(s).

These are the ones I bought, 80mm diameter:

Perfect fit for both the 1530 and black C2N and I'm sure there are different
sizes available for floppy drives, I'll soon be breaking out my Spectrum +3
128K and I can be almost certain that the new belt I fitted in 2001 has gone
south in the intervening years.

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