Classics long overdue a Boot.

Sean Caron scaron at
Fri May 20 14:08:05 CDT 2016

On Thu, 19 May 2016, Jerry Kemp wrote:

> +1
> Been looking for a Crimson for about 8 years now.
> A couple have come up, but none anywhere close to me.  Due to size and weight 
> shipping has been prohibitive.
> :(
> Jerry
> On 05/19/16 06:25 PM, Ian Finder wrote:
>> You parted a Crimson into wall hangings just because the PSU blew? They're
>> super easy to work on.
>> Sometimes this list makes me {m,s}ad.

Hey, it is what it is ... I must have been 16 and my boss at the shop had 
an engineering background ... no stranger to board-level repair. He wasn't 
too keen to dive in and attempt to troubleshoot a multi-kW switcher and I 
honestly don't know too many guys that are. We had no idea if the boards 
may have been damaged in the PSU failure so even if we did put the time 
and effort into the PSU and did successfully manage to repair, there was 
no guarantee that we'd end up with a working machine.

It was a bit big to haul to just be a doorstop ... I didn't see any real 
chance of getting a replacement PSU or repair in the immediate future. I 
just decided to save what I could ... the most interesting bits, and the 
rest, well, you can't save it all.

As I say, it was a very basic machine, no RealityEngine. Really all that 
was in there was the CPU board and an IO3B. LG1 graphics right out of an 
Indigo, with a little VME interposer board. Friends and family generally 
consider me a packrat, but I guess even I have my limits ;)



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