The RSTS riddle.

Al Kossow aek at
Sat May 21 15:51:58 CDT 2016

On 5/21/16 12:28 PM, Rod Smallwood wrote:

>   Third Point
>     There's no way to copy an image only files under any DEC operating system.
>   Fourth Point
>          If I had a RSTS system how would I make a backup copy of the install tape?

you would use TPC, and you can convert between TAP and TPC

dealing with tape images is easier in the unix world

from the "SIMH tape images to real tapes" thread on the simh mailing list

> Googling around only seems to want to show me how to copy real tapes
> to images.  I need to copy a SIMH tape image to a real tape!
> I seem to recall SIMH including a utility for this...but I could be
> mistaken.
> I will need a utility that will run on VMS (VAX) as I need to use a
> TK50 to make a TK50. (Unless someone wants to doante a TK70.  )

I use vtapeutils to convert from the 4 byte record header format that
Simh uses to a 2 byte record header format:

Then I use VMSTPC to copy this to a real tape:

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