1's comp

Sean Conner spc at conman.org
Sat May 21 21:41:40 CDT 2016

It was thus said that the Great ben once stated:
> On 5/20/2016 7:19 PM, Sean Conner wrote:
> >>
> >>Hehe, what is a long long? Yes, you are totally right. Still, I assert
> >>that C is still the defacto most portable language on Earth. What other
> >>language runs on as many OS's and CPUs ? None that I can think of.
> >
> >  A long long is at least 64-bits long.
> Only if you get rid of char pointers you are portable.

  I don't understand this statement.

> I like 1's compilent because it handles shifting properly.

  Again, I'm not sure how this follows.  Right shifting signed quantities is
undefined because different CPUs handle it differently---some copy the sign
bit, some don't.  I don't see how being 1's complement fixes this.


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