HP Draftmaster II 7596A: EPROM dumps needed, urgent :-(

John Robertson jrr at flippers.com
Sun May 22 14:51:08 CDT 2016

On 05/21/2016 10:53 PM, David Collins wrote:
> Martin, I might be able to help you as I think we have a 7596A.
> Are these EPROMs from the processor PCA?  Are you able to tell me which 'U'
> numbers they are in the PC board?
> I haven't looked at the plotter itself, but the service manual we have shows
> the following part numbers for the processor PCA
> 07595-18039
> 07595-18040
> 07595-18041
> 07595-18042
> So I'm not sure if my manual is old and the plotters at that time had 4
> EPROMs and yours is newer and has 2? Or are they on another PCA somewhere?
> Let me know.
> If the plotter we have is in the main museum facility I can possibly help
> you, I will check.
> David Collins
> Curator
> HP Computer Museum.

If your version has four EPROMs and the later (otherwise identical) 
machine only used two then chances are the four earlier EPROMs were 
simply combined into two later ones. For example, if the original EPROMs 
were 2708s then two of those would fit into a single 2716. The 2716 was 
easier to program as well being only a single voltage device.

Combining the images is easy as well. The first 2708 image goes from 
000h to 3FFh and the second would go from 400h to 7FFh, as a 2716 holds 
000h to 7FFh worth of data vs. 000h to 3FFh for the older 2708.

Of course this would also work for 2716s into 2732s, etc. just the data 
boundaries change to reflect the device size.

John :-#)#
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> Subject: HP Draftmaster II 7596A: EPROM dumps needed, urgent :-(
> Hello,
> the EPROMs are labeled 07595-18045 and 07595-18046.
> Can anyone do a dump for me? It's really urgent. Our local hackerspace wants
> to get rid of it, if there is no chance to get the Firmware again.
> greetings,
> Martin

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