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Mon May 23 00:32:38 CDT 2016

The M9312 can be setup to also act as a UNIBUS terminator card, and can reside 
in the
A-B position of the last UNIBUS backplane slot (ie, the 'UNIBUS out' slot).

Some of the jumpers on the card need to be configured to allow this, the M9312
technical manual gives the exact jumper configuration needed.

So on the 11/40, you can replace the M930 (or M9301) bus terminator card with the
M9312 with termination enabled.

On 5/22/2016 4:55 PM, Paul Anderson wrote:
> An M930 terminator in the far left slot in A/B, where you have the RL11
> (M7762). I don't remember if the G7273 is a unibus or q-bus grant card. I
> always use the G727 , I think, the little 2 inch by 2 inch or so.
> Try front panel funstions with the RL11 out.  You'll probably have to move
> it to slot 3.
> There is a trick to using a M9301 or m9312  in an 11/40, but I don't
> remember it now.  It's been a while since since I've played with an 11/40.
> On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 6:07 PM, william degnan <billdegnan at>
> wrote:
>> Paul,
>> What terminator card exactly?  As I had written originally, the system was
>> functional before I added the core planes.  I was thinking that I needed a
>> terminator now that I have more than just the cpu plus four slot plane, but
>> I did not have the space for it along with all of the cards I already have
>> installed.
>> (I removed the grant cards from the core planes per Tony's suggestion.)
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