Commodore C2N datasette belts (was Re: Classics long overdue a Boot.)

Alexandre Souza alexandre.tabajara at
Mon May 23 19:45:57 CDT 2016

> Square belt.  1.2mm cross-section.  80mm dia / 251mm length.
> Wholesale might work.  I need 3-4 just to get my own drives working
> (one in a chicklet-keyboard PET, at least 2-3 external C2N drives -
> two black PET-era, one (at least) white VIC-20/C-64 era).
> Wherever they come from US or UK, $10-$12 including shipping per belt
> is just not gonna happen.  I don't need to use tapes on a daily basis,
> and if I didn't have some old Rabbit-format tapes, I probably wouldn't
> be doing anything with real tapes other than demonstrate to people how
> they worked (and why we were so happy to switch to floppies).

    Ethan, these belts are very common in Brazil. They cost about R$ 2-4 
(Us$ 0,50-1,00) each. If you and the group need some, I can buy and put it 
into an envelope. 

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