Front panel switches - what did they do?

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at
Tue May 24 11:54:17 CDT 2016

On Tue, 24 May 2016, Charles Anthony wrote:
> Honeywell 6180 display panels: 

Holy rocker switch, Batman! Is that all for one machine? That looks like a 
man-machine interface to run a nuclear power plant or something. FOUR 
panels. The black panel looks uber-cool. That definitely looks like 
something from a 60's or 70's James bond film. There needs to be a villain 
about ready to launch a missile standing next to one.

Oh and here is a replica of an Apollo launch computer with a component LED 
display like I was mentioning:

... probably too expensive to embed in a computer system, but still hard 
to beat for geek aesthetics. 


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