VAX-11/730 and Emulex UC17 woes

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Tue May 24 14:48:22 CDT 2016

On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 12:27 PM, Josh Dersch
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> Hi all --
> I'm working on restoring a VAX-11/730 at the museum and things have been going pretty well thus far.  I've been bootstrapping the console and diagnostics from simulated TU58 (images from:  All of the TU58-based diagnostics are passing.
> I'm attempting to bring up an Emulex UC17 SCSI controller for mass storage and I'm having trouble with it.  I thought I'd check with you guys to see if any of you have seen this issue or have any idea where I might be obviously going wrong before I start digging deeper into this.
> The current issue is that I can't get the UC17's built in diagnostic/utility (referred to as the 'FRD' in the manual) to run.  I am following all of the steps to the letter (see the manual here, pages 71-79 (section 4.5.7)) and I'm getting the right values back when examining the SA register during the process, but executing "S 80" halts after a second or so with:
> ?08  PC=00000298
> Which is an odd way for it to halt, 08 means "No user WCS" according to the 11/730 user's guide.
> Here's the full conversation, just in case:
>>>> I
>>>> D/L/P F26800 80000000
>>>> D/L/P F26804 80000001
>>>> D/W/P FFF46A 3003
>>>> E/W/P FFF46A
> P 00FFF46A      0100
>>>> D/W/P FFF46A 4401
>>>> E/W/P FFF46A
> P 00FFF46A      0400
>>>> S 80
> ?08  PC=00000298
> I've confirmed that the issue isn't with the card, I can run the FRD without issue on it, in an 11/44 we have here.

Don't know if this will help at all.  Not sure if the UC07 and UC17
share the same firmware and VAX host resident FRD code. On the QBus
UC07 version (firmware version G143R) there is a short stub located at
80h which jumps to the main code at 280h. (If you have a VCB02 instead
of a serial console you start at 82h which then jumps to 282h and does
something slightly different).

I dumped the memory for this code from the VAX and entered it into
SIMH to use SIMH as an VAX unassembler and this is what it looks like.
If the UC17 host resident VAX code is the same, any clues here as to
what might be causing a halt on the 11/730?

sim> e -m 80-87
80:     BRB 85
82:     BRW 282
85:     BRW 280

sim> e -m 280-3d3
280:    BRB 298
282:    BISB2 #1,27F
286:    MOVL #80000003,@#2008800C
291:    MTPR #800,#4
298:    MOVL #80000002,@#20088008
2A3:    NOP
2A4:    MTPR #1F,#12
2A7:    MOVAL 400,R1
2AE:    MOVL #200,R2
2B5:    MOVL #0,(R1)+
2B8:    SOBGTR R2,2B5
2BB:    MOVL #20001468,R5
2C2:    CLRW (R5)
2C4:    BITW #800,2(R5)
2CA:    BEQL 2C4
2CC:    MOVW #3003,2(R5)
2D2:    CMPW #100,2(R5)
2D8:    BNEQ 2D2
2DA:    MOVW #4600,2(R5)
2E0:    CMPW #400,2(R5)
2E6:    BNEQ 2E0
2E8:    MOVW #400,2(R5)
2EE:    TSTB 27F
2F1:    BEQL 30E
2F3:    MOVL #1,R0
2F6:    JSB @#20040008
2FC:    CMPB #18,R0
2FF:    BNEQ 304
301:    BRW 362
304:    EXTZV #0,#7,R0,R0
309:    MOVL R0,R2
30C:    BRB 338
30E:    MFPR #20,R1
311:    BBC #7,R1,362
315:    MFPR #21,R2
318:    EXTZV #0,#7,R2,R2
31D:    CMPB R2,#13
320:    BNEQ 338
322:    MFPR #20,R0
325:    BBC #7,R0,322
329:    MFPR #21,R0
32C:    EXTZV #0,#7,R0,R0
331:    CMPB R0,#11
334:    BNEQ 322
336:    BRB 362
338:    BISW2 #200,R2
33D:    MOVW R2,2(R5)
341:    MOVW 2(R5),R2
345:    BITW #200,R2
34A:    BEQL 341
34C:    BICL2 #200,R2
353:    MOVW R2,2(R5)
357:    MOVW 2(R5),R2
35B:    BITW #200,R2
360:    BNEQ 357
362:    MOVW 2(R5),R2
366:    BITW #100,R2
36B:    BEQL 2EE
36D:    MOVW R2,2(R5)
371:    MOVW 2(R5),R2
375:    BITW #100,R2
37A:    BNEQ 371
37C:    BICW2 #100,R2
381:    MOVW R2,2(R5)
385:    EXTZV #0,#7,R2,R2
38A:    BEQL 3C4
38C:    TSTB 27F
390:    BEQL 3B3
392:    MOVB R2,3CF
399:    MOVAL 3C7,R0
3A0:    JSB @#2004000C
3A6:    MOVW 2(R5),R2
3AA:    BITW #100,R2
3AF:    BEQL 3A6
3B1:    BRB 36D
3B3:    MFPR #22,R1
3B6:    BBC #7,R1,3B3
3BA:    MTPR R2,#23
3BD:    MFPR #22,R1
3C0:    BBC #7,R1,3BD
3C4:    BRW 2EE

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