Front panel switches - what did they do?

jwsmobile jws at
Tue May 24 15:26:43 CDT 2016

We bought a Multiwire job on our clone of the Microdata 1600 and the 
tech it used, I think, was welded wires laid in muck that was soft.

They would fab up a firm carrier board with all the thru-holes set, then 
put down a soft pliable layer of epoxy(??).  They would weld one of the 
wires to an appropriate thru-hole then the wire would be pushed into the 
media and routed to the terminus.  Similar to wirewrap process from the 
routing requirements (keep number of connections to any post / thruhole 
adhering to design rules).  But when it was complete, you could see all 
the wires thru the goo they used after it hardened or was set up.

The set we had worked well, but was about 3500 bucks for an 
approximately 8 x 10 board with a 130pin edge card connector.  Kinda 
pricy.  However, if you had a working design, it was overnight 
turnaround with a PC.


On 5/24/2016 12:15 PM, Eric Smith wrote:
> On Tue, May 24, 2016 at 1:08 PM, Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:
>> Yes, but there was a trademarked name for the process that slips my
>> mind.  Capable of very high densities.
> Multiwire?

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