VAX-11/730 and Emulex UC17 woes

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Tue May 24 16:14:37 CDT 2016

On Wed, May 25, 2016 at 8:58 AM, Josh Dersch
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> Interesting, the UC17 has the same firmware version (G143R) on the label of the EPROM.  I wonder if the contents are identical.  Could you send me a dump of your ROM so I can compare?
>> I dumped the memory for this code from the VAX and entered it into SIMH
>> to use SIMH as an VAX unassembler and this is what it looks like.
>> If the UC17 host resident VAX code is the same, any clues here as to what
>> might be causing a halt on the 11/730?

Here's what I found comparing my code with someone else's dump:

I've been working this with Glen Slick. Here's a snippet of a recent
email with him. He provided a dump of the DMAed loader from his UC07:

The raw binary dumped on the VAX looked like this:

>>>E/P/L 80
P 00000080 FD310311
P 00000084 01F83101

P 00000280 01881611
P 00000284 8FD0F9AF
P 00000288 80000003
P 0000028C 08800C9F
P 00000290 008FDA20
P 00000294 04000008
P 00000298 00028FD0
P 0000029C 089F8000
P 000002A0 01200880

First mismatch is here; P 000002A0 0100F308

P 000002A4 DE121FDA
P 000002A8 000153EF
P 000002AC 8FD05100
P 000002B0 00000200
P 000002B4 8100D052
P 000002B8 D0FA52F5
P 000002BC 0014688F

But mine has P 000002BC FFF4688F

P 000002C0 65B45520

Mine had P 000002C0 65B45500


Ran out of time at this point - but enough to establish at least
*some* values are different.

Tried S 80 - different error! ?05 PC=00000344

I did 'I' then started from scratch - D/L/P F26800... etc.

Same result.

Here's a quote from an email exchange from a couple of months ago on
same issue: dumb question: have you tried just booting it without
running FRD?

"I think that UC17 is identical to UC07 firmware-wise. At least my
UC17 EPROM is marked UC07. There is some posts on forum on
UC07 firmware quite recently.
Why do you need to enter the FRD? I never needed to do that. Just
inserted the SCSI2SD with the SD-card in it and booted. Worked
straight away."
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