HP Draftmaster II 7596A: EPROM dumps needed, urgent :-(

Joachim Fenkes dojoe at dojoe.net
Tue May 24 16:25:15 CDT 2016

On 24.05.2016 16:25, David Collins wrote:

> Here are the binaries for all the EPROMs on processor PCA for my 7596A.

Wow, that was really quick, thank you so much!

> The
> PCA part number is 07595-60100 and is different from the one in the manual
> which is a 07595-60200 so I assume my PCA is older than the one in the
> manual.

Judging by your photos and the ones I made last time I had the plotter 
open, I'm pretty sure that's the same PCA ours has.

> 07595-18097	U28
> 07595-18098	U37

Our plotter only had these two sockets populated. The two ROMs contain 
the even/odd bytes of a 128K image. I combined them and compared them to 
the dump we took of our broken ROMs (with lots of bit errors), and they 
seem to be structured very similarly, so this might well be a later 
version of the same firmware.

> Unknown	U27 - no part number label
> Unknown	U36 - no part number label

These are mostly empty and I couldn't find any recognizable strings in 
there. Might be additional machine code as the U28/U37 ROMs are pretty 
chock full.

The 17225-* ROMs don't look like firmware, but seem to contain several 
demo plots, maybe for exhibition purposes?

> Binaries for each chip are attached. All are 27512 EPROMs.

Nice, we even have a few of those in our parts collection \o/ I hope 
I'll find time this weekend to burn and plug them and give them a test run.

> I have also included photos of the PCA and the EPROMs in position.  Hope
> that helps.

Yes, very much, thanks again!

All the best

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