Question about UNIBUS terminators, M9300

william degnan billdegnan at
Wed May 25 07:39:19 CDT 2016

I have an M9300 bus terminator which I read is the same as a M930 with the
NPR logic (so you don't also need an NPR terminator in slot 3/4).  I don't
want to blow anything up, but I am thinking I can replace the M930 and
G7273 in the last slot of my backplane with a W2-open M9300.

I have discovered past threads in CCTECH about this card, comes up every so
often.  There are jumpers on this card.  W1, W2, W.  I did not find any
specific examples online of scenarios for the jumpers so I have a question
of confirmation to my understanding:

I think I get why one would remove the W2 jumper but if W1 is removed
(open) instead can someone give me an example scenario for when you'd want
to use this card "for beginning of non processor bus termination".  Can
someone give me an example of when you'd do this?  Something to do with
expansion cabinets?


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