Early 360 machines (Was: Front panel switches - what did they do?)

Nico de Jong nico at farumdata.dk
Wed May 25 12:13:32 CDT 2016

> The only language supported on the 360/20 was RPG.  For a mostly tab card 
> type of operation, you could actually do a lot in RPG. Otherwise, you had 
> to write in machine language and get it assembled on another system.

I never used a /20, but I did a lot RPG/II on a model /40. It is in fact one 
of my favourites...
(I can hear people laughing!). For a customer, I wrote a RPG interpretor, so 
he could use the in-house RPG expertise to set up validation routines for 
the data coming into the shop. The interpretor was written in Turbo Pascal 
for Windows 1.50. The output was a DLL, which was then used in a nice media 
conversion program (InterMedia)

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