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Thu May 26 12:46:50 CDT 2016

On 5/26/2016 10:22 AM, dwight wrote:
> It is interesting that the military may not be able to use W10.
> I doubt it can meet tempest requirements without major changes.
> Dwight
There is a lot of phone home crap in windows.  A friend who otherwise 
had not worried about such things is starting to formulate a firewall 
(reverse) to put in for customers to block outbound communications with 
the mother ship.  I suspect they were there before, but they are there a 
lot in W10.

He specifically is going to get with port number blocking outbound, and 
some inbound crap, but still will hopefully preserve the windows 
updates.  There seems to be an effort to get this going he is working with.

On the topic of the military, they were doing things to thermally record 
the floppies as well so they could not be altered between the source and 
destinations.  They never came up with a newer technology they liked to 
replace that capability on either tapes or floppies.

They used 7 track tapes for Nike Ajax targeting data that could not be 
erased due to how they were recorded.

I worked with a sales rep with an early optical media vendor and the 
Pentagon brass went nuts over it, but the vendor's technology was 
proprietary, and they didn't want to jump from one hard to deal with 
tech to another.

The rep was a retired petty officer, and he said he about crapped when 
he went into the meeting with all generals and admirals and the like.  
Still had the averse reaction to brass from his old salt days.


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