vintage computers in active use

Paul Berger phb.hfx at
Thu May 26 13:41:56 CDT 2016

On 2016-05-26 1:53 PM, Jay West wrote:
> Brent wrote...
> ------
> 	The report said that the Department of Defence systems that
> co-ordinated
> 	intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear bombers and tanker
> support aircraft
> 	"runs on an IBM Series-1 Computer - a 1970s computing system - and
> uses
> 	eight-inch floppy disks".=
> ------
> The series-1 makes such a lovable "Bleet" sound each time you press one of
> the front panel membrane buttons :)
> I can confirm first hand that HP1000 M/E/F systems are still in very active
> use both on land and on (and under) sea by US forces.
> Best,
> J
That is if the Series/1 had an operator panel, it was possible to run 
them without one, and then if the CE had to run diagnostics he would 
have to haul a panel and a diskette drive out with him.  They where a 
very reliable machine, but CEs mostly hated working on them since they 
rarely saw them enough to get really familiar with them, especially if 
they had 10SR disks those drives where bullet proof, the 62PC not so 
much.  I think they also used 62TM disks in Series/1 they where also a 
very reliable disk.


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