vintage computers in active use

Jay West jwest at
Thu May 26 16:25:14 CDT 2016

Chuck wrote...
Meh, I'll not too willingly concede that one.  P-code is also a made-up
machine language.

But one difference I'll toss out there... p-code wasn't meant to be written
in directly. Pick assembler was; so it included the full suite of ORG, EQU,
MACRO, LIST, NOLIST type directives. I doubt most pcode does.

Interesting to note - pick basic used p-code. The basic "compiler" (written
in pick assembler) turned basic source into a byte oriented p-code. It was
stack oriented, used RPN for expressions; each basic language statement
generated a set of stack operations to perform the statement such that at
the end of that statement everything was back as was before the code stream
for that statement was executed. Of course, this p-code was executed
interpretively. By missionary instructions ;)


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