Bringing a VAX 750 and Nova from Canada to US: What to expect?

Stefan Skoglund (lokal användare) stefan.skoglund at
Thu May 26 17:18:40 CDT 2016

tor 2016-05-26 klockan 11:21 -0700 skrev Ian McLaughlin: 
> Last year I made a day trip from Kelowna BC to Seattle Washington to pick up a Northstar Horizon, and I paid cash ($100 if I recall correctly).
> When I arrived back at the border, I got the third degree about the computer. The agent didn’t believe that I would make a 14 hour round trip to pick up something worth $100 and that it must be worth much more. After much arguing and showing him emails on my phone about negotiating the purchase he decided to let me go, but warned me that next time I did something like this I should at the very minimum bring paper copies of any emails negotiating such a purchase.  Normally all my hassles at the border are at the US end, but this was on the Canadian side re-entering my own country. I was disappointed.
> Ian

The same type of guy which would ask me:

ARE you doing this for FREE (asked while i'm sweating down in the
machine room of a steamer (while it is 30 degrees celsius outside), it
is around 50 degrees or so in front of the boiler. They can't understand
why someone would something which looks like $work UNPAID.

Yes i'm and i also had to pay for the morning's travel to the port and i
also pay out of my own wallet then it is time to take that so very
important course if i'm to become a legitimized steam boat chief (full
time study work for 6 months - you need to eat and pay rent while doing

And think then about how nice it is doing maintenance work in the winter
or that other leisure : running a steam engine occasionaly in the winter

Your little road trip - well you paid petrol prices which is a bit below
european prices.
14 hours -- 1000 km drive ?
75 liter of petrol - in swedish prices that is around 121 Euros, so
including petrol you paid around 200 euros (swedish prices for the
petrol) for the computer.

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