vintage computers in active use

Jon Elson elson at
Thu May 26 20:08:32 CDT 2016

On 05/26/2016 06:18 PM, Mike Ross wrote:
> It was a few years ago now and it's third hand - but I was 
> told that the US Navy still maintained a shop dedicated 
> exclusively to repairing IBM SLT modules... can't vouch 
> for the veracity of that; perhaps someone else can. 
Hmm, I've thought about this a bit.  I think one could make 
up replacement SLT modules with little PC boards and SOT23 
transistors and 0805 or 0603 SMT resistors.  SLT modules had 
very little on them, something like 2 transistors and 4 
diodes and some resistors.

I was thinking about this in relation to keeping a mid-size 
360 running for a few hours a month at a museum, like the 
1401 at CHM. But, it would sure work for actual full-time 
operation, too.


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