vintage computers in active use

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Thu May 26 21:14:27 CDT 2016

> I begged for it anyway, and was told that because it was part of an active
> program (testing for some fighter jet), it was still in use.  When I
> suggested modernizing, I was told that changing the hardware would require
> *re-certifying the entire workflow*.  In other words, it was far more
> economical to maintain a 70's era computer than spec, design, acquire/build
> and certify a new system.
Considering how military avionics systems work, this is entirely 
plausible.  Consider that up until (at least) 1998, the F-15C's tactical 
electronic warfare system was run by a 6800B.  The person I was discussing 
this with had designed a replacement that operated around a SoS 80386 and 
could run rings around what the 6800B system could do.  His company 
dropped the project because they couldn't afford the certification 
process just to build a test model.


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