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William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Fri May 27 11:55:01 CDT 2016

> OK, there are hundreds of different SLT "cards", ie. the PC boards. But,
> reading some FE docs on bitsavers, it seems that all SLT 360's were built
> with 95+ % of the SLT "modules" consisting of only 6 types.

Yes, a remarkably few number of modules make up a huge bulk of the
population. Of course there are some rare types, like the high speed
versions or the ones that IBM farmed out, but they can mostly be

> So, when I was talking about making replacement SLT MODULES, I meant to
> fabricate tiny 1/2" x 1/2" PC boards with 12 leads, that could be mounted
> where the failed small SLT module had been.

Yes, those are the things that are really pretty common.

> In IBM terminology,

Chip, module, card, board, gate.

I suppose chip level repair might be possible with today's SOTs, but I
would not want to do it!


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