vintage computers in active use

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Series/1 used  either EDX  ( Event Driven Executive) or RPS (Realtime Programming Systems)
Could be programmed in a variety of languages. I think I used COBOL on EDX. 
The app was a Transaction -processing Newspaper Classified Order Entry system supporting 300 seats. 
The project started in 1976  well before PC's were around.  
The architecture was Zentec programmable 8080 based Terminal for the user interface, data sent to Series/1 via BI-SYNC protocol, then forwarded to IBM 3032.
I did the programming for the Zentec. It was fun! It had no operating system at all.   Just 8080 interupts. Basically you wrote assembly language to grab the character from the kb interupt and figure out what to do with it.  (like store the character on the screen, move the cursor left (or right if delete char) ) and a bunch of other stuff. 


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On Thu, 26 May 2016, Bryan C. Everly wrote:
> I did work in UNIX on a Series-1 in the telecom space.  It probably 
> still is in use.

What kind of Unix did they run? There is almost no information on Wikipedia or elsewhere. I'm just curious because I've heard of PC/IX, IX/370, and of course I'm *very* famililar with "Ain't Unix" uhhh, I mean AIX. :-P I work with it nearly every day. However, I don't know squat about the Unix that ran on a Series-1.

-Swift (a guy with a ZOO full of Unix boxes). 

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